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Can you be too social?

The interesting thing about taking a course on social media is that you can no longer just admire it from afar or be partially involved in it.   Instead, you become so occupied with all things social media that you start to ignore the real relationships in your life.  Instead of picking up your phone and making a call, you’re direct messaging your friends on Twitter.  You may end up staring at the screen for hours waiting for new blogs to upload into your reader.

Figuring out the give and take in the relationship between social media and the rest of your life takes a little bit of effort.  I’m definitely still struggling to figure this out.  Over the weekend I didn’t check Twitter, my Google Reader or Facebook all day Saturday and I didn’t miss it at all, but when I got back on everything Sunday afternoon, I felt a little bit out of the loop.

I suppose it is all apart of the learning process and fortunately, I’m in a class that allows me a whole semester to try and get the hang of it.