Vacation Swiss Family Robinson Style?

Canyon Lake Tree House

Canyon Lake Tree House

Just outside of New Braunsfels is the Canyon Lake Tree House.  Sleeping in a tree house is a childhood dream of mine and the picturesque description of this one is makes it sounds so enticing:

The view of the lake from this redwood deck will take your breath away.  You may choose to eat outside or relax under the stars The two huge oak tress make a shady green umbrella of leaves to make your private world a peaceful hideaway of beauty and fun.”

Unfortunately, upon further inspection of the Web site, the tree house is not quite a “tree house.”  Instead, it’s an elevated house surrounded by trees.  Bummer. Oh well, it still looks rustic and beautiful, just not quite the childhood dream.

Gruene Mansion Inn

Gruene Mansion Inn

Another place to stay while visiting New Braunsfels is the Texas Historic Landmark Gruene Mansion Inn Bed and Breakfast.

The B&B is located in the heart of the Gruene community right next to the Dance Hall. It has 31 rooms, each with a private entrance, bath and porch (for ultimate privacy). They’re decorated with elegant Victorian antiques and are quite popular with couples and for girlfriend getaways, especially if you take advantage of one of their package deals with the nearby spa.

Bertha's Bedroom

Bertha's Bedroom

I want to stay at this B&B.  It’s beautiful! Maybe my future husband will bring me here someday.  They can even provide a romantic gift package that comes with chapagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, yum!


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