Schlitterbahn – the world’s number one waterpark



Schlitterbahn is the most popular summertime waterpark in the United States and has been rated the world’s number one waterpark by the Travel Channel. It has over three miles of tubing, 17 waterslides, the world’s first surfing machine and three uphill water coasters. Sounds awesome!

The Master Blaster is definitely one of the best rides at Schlitterbahn. It propels riders in inner tubes with water jets uphill and downhill, through figure-eights and finally the riders are dropped into a dramatic pretzel-shaped, downward spiral.  Sounds awesome, just be careful to not lose your suit. 🙂

And then there’s the Black Knight a very unique ride where you fly through a dark tube that allows in no light.  You’re literally flying downward in complete darkness.

Lagoon Hot Tub

Lagoon Hot Tub

With all this craziness it’s good to know that your basic wading pool and hot tub can be taken advantage of when you need some relaxation. (Or are just to scared to do a water roller coaster in complete darkness.)

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